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We wish we weren’t needed. But, if you believe as we do that food is medicine, you will agree that the industrialized food industry needs to get its priorities straight and we need to wake up. We live in a packaged and processed world where most of our “food” is invented in laboratories called test kitchens rather than grown under the sun in fertile, chemical-free soil. The “food” we eat and serve our children is far too often, merely food-like substances that share nothing in common with the whole, real food nourishment upon which our grandparents and great-grandparents thrived. No amount of slick advertising is going to change that fact.

How did this happen? Well, as the saying goes, “follow the money.” When we follow the money we find companies that have a profit-seeking agenda at the expense of our health. They are masters at convincing us that we need our food to be quick, easy and inexpensive. But the real cost comes later in the form of obesity, heart disease, cancer and auto-immune disorders to name a few.

So what exactly do we need? We need to identify and support companies that have our back when it comes to our health and tell the whole truth about what is in our food and how it is made. If you believe as we do that we are dependent upon one another, then it is our collective responsibility to end this madness for our sake and the sake of future generations. We wish we weren’t needed but believe from the bottom of our hearts that What You Eat Matters!


Todd Allen Fitts (Founder of Improveat)


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Our Mission is to serve God by offering life enhancing nutrition to people in a convenient manner! We are dedicated to being professionals in a business that serves rather than a business that just sells.


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