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Check out what some of our customers are saying about our wraps!

"Best way to have a sandwich wrap without using bread!" 
-Cindy A. from Austin, TX

“These wraps arrived promptly and were low-carb.”
-John B. from Kirkland, WA

"These are new for me and I must say surprisingly delicious. Order came right on time and I will spread the word to my friends that have never heard of them before but would like them as I do."  
-Virginia C. from Vista, CA

“Loved the curry flavor and the chewy texture of the wraps!!! They are a definite re-order for me.” 
-Wendy B. from Park hall, MD

“Like this product- used as crepes with fruit filling and as bread with tuna filling.”
-Nancy V. from Phoenix, AZ

"I have only had a chance to eat one but found it to be very tasty . I appreciate that I have a low carb choice that is natural and healthy." 
-Nancy M. from Snellville, GA 

"I like this product's like coconut flavor and it was delivered as promised. I am very pleased. Nothing beats service that can be relied on. Thanks."                                                   -Judy J. from Brooklyn, NY

“Have never done a wrap before, on Paleo this met my needs.” 
-Shelley H. from Orange, CA

“For people like me who cannot eat grains, these delicious wraps enable us to expand culinary possibilities. The aroma is mildly coconut although the coconut flavor doesn't seem strong or overpowering.” 
-Joanna Q. from Santa Fe, NM